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The Main Features

Zwischengroesse km1 0artpic548131,.png

  • Nano FX 2
  • DS9 Fx
  • MVAM (Multi Vector Assault Mode)
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Away Team
  • Cloak Firing
  • Construct
  • Core Ejection
  • Detect cloaked Ships
  • Fleet Orders
  • Mine Launching
  • New AI
  • Point Defense Phaser
  • Quickbattle Replacement
  • Random Encounters
  • Secondary Targeting
  • Shuttle Launching
  • Surrender
  • Thrusters
  • Tractor Beam Inversion
  • Warp Speed Selection

NanoFX 2

Zwischengroesse 20070808 19 Space.jpg
has been integrated into Kobayashi Maru and works both in QB and in MP

games to deliver an immersive Bridge Commander experience. Experience amazing

explosions, plasma leaks, in-warp battles, nova explosions as well as many more effects.

CA Enhancement Pack

Zwischengroesse 20071202 1.png
Kobayashi Maru also features many elements from the

upcoming CA Enhancement pack which includes improved weapons, backgrounds,

starfields, systems, planets and many other enhancements.

New Systems

Zwischengroesse 20070808 2 Bridge.jpg
A series of amazing new systems have been added for you to explore or wage war in. Including BanzaiZAP, ZMSystems, Multiplayer systems and much more…

New Bridges

Zwischengroesse BridgeShot20070728 7.jpg
The best bridges out there for Bridge Commander have also been

included in the project. Now you can wage war in your favorite ship complete with an

extended list of bridges to utilize.

New Multiplayer: Turkey Shoot

Zwischengroesse 06.jpg
mode is once again included and this time has been

tweaked to offer a more stable multiplayer experience. To further the multiplayer game, Kobayashi Maru allows the use of many advanced scripts, including blind fire, shuttle launching, thrusters and many more…Participate in battles beyond any other seen in multiplayer, wage war, evade incoming fire, employ tactics and survive…

Fed vs. Non-Fed is the same as Turkey Shoot but you can fight with Federation Based Ships/Stations against non Fed Stations/Ships


Zwischengroesse 20070731 0947 SC 8.jpg
  • A Fresh/Unmodded copy of Bridge Commander installed
  • The Official 1.1 patch installed.

Have Fun!

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